Peal was rung Christmas Week 2016 at Wortley and a new method was rung on this occasion. If you ring a new method you get to give it a name. The method was in the 'Delight Major' category and as there already is a method named Wortley it was decided to name this new method 'Wharncliffe Delight Major'.

Details are
Yorkshire Association
On Friday, 30 December 2016 in 2 hours 50 mins
5056 Wharncliffe Delight Major
Composed by A G Reading

1 Adrian M Moreton
2 Lucy A Warren
3 Alan G Reading (C)
4 Peter C Randall
5 Nicholas D Soanes
6 Simon J Reading
7 Neil Donovan
8 Christopher M Bennett

First peal in the method - Wharncliffe Delight Major:

The first Peal on the overhauled bells has been rung. This is Peal number 101.

Yorkshire Association - St Leonard's Wortley
Saturday 16 April 2016 in 2hours:51minutes
5056 Cambridge Surprise Major
1 Peter W McCoy
2 Chris Bostock
3 Michael Sheeran
4 Simon J Reading
5 Trevor C Ledger
6 Gary J Audley
7 Adrian M Moreton
8 Malcolm S Turner (Conductor)

Wedding compliment to Katie & Jack Kempf, married today at Holy Trinity Holmfirth. The wedding party arrived for the reception at Wortley Hall to the sound of this peal. First peal on the retuned and rehung bells.

The first Quarter Peal on the overhauled bells has been rung. It was rung on Saturday 12th March as a 90th birthday compliment to Melvyn Gore. The ringers were from Wortley team and their friends from other ringing teams.

Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers
St Leonard's Church Wortley
12 March 2016

1264 Plain Bob Major in 43 minutes

Treble Lynn Beevers St Leonard's Wortley
2 Peter W McCoy St Mary's Walkley
3 Katie Sherrat Rotherham Minster
4 June Hawley St Leonard's Wortley
5 Andrew Beevers St Leonard's Wortley
6 Stuart Armeson St Mary's Ecclesfield
7 Chris Bennett Sheffield Cathedral
Tenor Malcolm S Turner Rotherham Minster

Conducted by Malcolm S Turner

We are pleased to announce that the bells are back in the tower and ringing out loud and clear over Wortley. This follows nearly 3 years of fundraising by the PCC and ringing team. Support came from the people of the village and surrounding areas, local businesses and from grants. See further down this page for details.

The work was carried out by a small group of volunteers working under the supervision of professional bell hanger Andrew Ogden from John Taylor & Co Bell Foundry. This allowed us to reduce the cost of the work significantly and we are very grateful to the following people who volunteered.

Chris Bennett Pete McCoy
Ken Loxley
John Harrison
Philip Hirst
Stuart Hawley
Jason Hawley
Tony Doran
Chris Beevers

The donations keep coming...

A big thank you to Wortley Golf Club who have donated £200 to the appeal

More wonderful NEWS...

We are pleased to announce that the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Sheffield has granted The PCC a Faculty to carry out the work on the bells. John Taylor’s Bell Foundry staff will remove the bells from the tower during week commencing 21st September 2015 and transport them to the Loughborough foundry for refurbishment, tuning and new fittings. In order to remove the bells the drive links to the dials of the tower clock have to be removed as they are in the way. The clock will be stopped on Monday September 7th for the duration of the work. We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience.

Wonderful NEWS...

Grants have been awarded by:
Viridor Credits Environmental Company from the Landfill Communities Fund. £27,616.00
The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers £1,700

We have £43,000 of funding in place now which is sufficient to carry out the work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

The recent donations to the bell fund

Wortley Bells Appeal has £16558.63 - Thank you everyone

The Sharpe Trust £300
Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers (YACR) Bell Repair Fund £5000
Sheffield Branch YACR 100 Club £2000
Thank you everyone Post Office (collection tin) £105.00
Tower Open Day £47.00
Visiting Ringers (London) £35 00
Hallam Probus Club £40.00
Wortley Farm Shop(collection tin £29.28
Roger England Open Garden £243.93
Wortley Mens Club (collection tin £26.55
Mrs H P Lane £100.00
Sheffield Folk Chorale £392.70
Dawns belfry mice £24.00
Alan Hanwell & Mr Binks £20.00
Mr Mrs Mccredie £100.00
AM &J Gore £500.00
Mrs A M Campbell £100.00
Grand Total at moment is £6743.04

100th Peal on the Bells Rung at Wortley

Members of the Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers rang the 100th Peal on the bells after the funeral of Lady Barbara. It has taken 122 years to reach 100 peals, they have been rung by hundreds of ringers from dozens of bands from around the UK. Wortley's own team have rung many themselves in years gone by.

Yorkshire Association
Wortley, South Yorkshire
St Leonard
Tuesday, 6 January 2015 in 2hrs 47mins (12-0-17)
5056 Cambridge Surprise Major
Composed by C Middleton
1 Dinah M Donovan
2 Neil Donovan
3 Barry F Peachey
4 James E Hibbert
5 Ian S Bennett
6 Colin Aked
7 Christopher M Bennett
8 Malcolm S Turner (C)

Specially arranged & rung with the bells half muffled, immediately after the funeral service as a lasting memory to Lady Barbara Maureen Ricardo (nee Mackenzie Stuart Wortley) aged 93. 3rd daughter to the 3rd Earl of Wharncliffe. May she rest in peace. 100th peal on the bells.

Peal Number 99 Rung on 19th October

Members of the Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers rang a Peal at Wortley on 19th October. 5056 Superlative Surprise Major in 2 hours and 49 minutes. This Peal is number 99 on the bells since they were installed in 1893. The next one (no date yet) will be the 100th so we will be celebrating when it happens. Details of the Peal are:
Yorkshire Association
Wortley, South Yorkshire
St Leonard
Sunday, 19 October 2014 in 2hrs 49m (12-0-17)
5056 Superlative Surprise Major
Composed by Donald F Morrison (no.6099)

1 Roy LeMarechal
2 Barry F Peachey
3 Philip A Hoole
4 Colin Aked
5 Ian S Bennett
6 Nicholas J Parkes
7 Benjamin J Carey (C)
8 C Barrie Dove

Ringing Outing to North Lincolnshire

Some of our ringers were in North Lincolnshire on 4th October on the Sheffield branch annual ringing outing. We rang the bells at 5 churches, Ulceby, Thornton Curtis, Goxhill, Wootton and Grimsby Minster. Some of us went on to Cleethorpes for a fish supper and an evening walk along the sea front afterwards. It was raining in the morning but by evening it was fine and warm. Ringing outings are one of the many things that make ringing church bells very interesting. There's the chance to explore the villages and the church buildings, take photos, try the bells, meet the local ringers and make new friends. And the fish and chips were good too.

Tower Open Day

A great Bric-a-Brac sale and tower open day held on 20th September. Over £500 raised including donations. Thank you all of you who made donations, came to buy gifts and plants, enjoyed the refreshments, bought cakes and those who climbed the tower ladders (all 3) to the belfry. Great team work by Wortley ringers, ringing friends and the Wortley PCC members ensured the stalls were staffed, tea and coffee didn’t run out and tower stewards were in place as guides. Many people commented that having lived in the area all their lives they had never been up the tower before, for others it was their first time in St Leonard’s. Even the rain held off.

Visitors from London

On May Day Bank Holiday Monday we had a team of visiting ringers from London on a ringing outing in the area. They arrived at Wortley at 9.30am and rang for about an hour before leaving for their next tower.

Penistone FM

Our bells were featured on Penistone FM in April along with interviews with several members of the team and PCC. It was about bell ringing in general and our bells appeal. The interviews were recorded in the tower and in the background of the transmission the bells were ringing. It was a great experience and Penistone FM will be broadcasting it again periodically in the future.

29/04/14 - Drum roll please!

After a great collection of funds at the Birds & the Bees Concert of £579.60 and a special donation on the same night from Richard & Kathrine Stolton of £500, the grand total of the bell fund now stands at £4988.55


Members of our team and other members of the Sheffield branch of the Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers spent the afternoon ringing at two Derbyshire towers. The Parish Church of St Lawrence, Eyam was our first tower where we had a ring on the 6 bells. We provided some added interest for members of the public who having heard the bells came in to see the ringing. Eyam has a ground floor ring; the ropes come down from the tower to ground floor level so ringing here is a public performance. Then we moved on to ring on the 6 at St Michael & All Angels Hathersage. The Scotsman’s Pack Inn just down the hill from the Church was our final destination. We along with our ringing friends from the branch enjoyed a meal, a drink and a gossip in the pub.

05/04/14 - The Birds & the Bees Concert

Our fund raising concert by the Gamebirds and the Beekeepers (The Birds and the Bees) has taken place. Superb music and singing by the two groups was enjoyed by a full house of people at St Leonard’s. The interval teas and coffee with a good spread of biscuits and cakes provided a nice opportunity to discuss the music, the bell appeal and chat with and make new friends. We would like to thank all those who supported this event and support the Wortley Bells Appeal.

01/04/14 – The list grows stronger!

We would just like to say a big thank you to those who have donated to the bell fund so far:
Blakemore Foundation - £50 plus a fantastic hamper donantion for our Birds & Bees concert
Irwin Mitchell LLP Charity Fund - £250
Kathryn Battye a donation in memory of Carol Hawke - £100
Wortley Parish Council - £100
Wortley mens club - £500.00
Coffee Morning with donations - £221.00
Mrs K. Eastman - £100.00
Mr & Mrs G. Turton - £100.00
Wortley Rotery Club - £100.00
Mrs Pam Hall - £100.00

Keep it coming - thanks

Forth coming events for 2014
05/04/14 - The Birds & the Bees Concert

Clieck here to download the event poster for more information

01/01/14 – A BIG thank you

We would just like to say a big thank you to those who have donated to the bell fund so far - Here are a list of those that have donated over £100:
Wortley mens club - £500.00
Coffee Morning with donations - £221.00
Mrs K. Eastman - £100.00
Mr & Mrs G. Turton - £100.00
Wortley Rotery Club - £100.00
Mrs Pam Hall - £100.00

Keep it coming - thanks

10/12/13 – Ringing Meeting

Members of our team attended an evening Ringing Meeting at St Mary’s Ecclesfield on Tuesday 10th December. Wortley ringers are members of the Sheffield Branch of the Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers. The Branch holds a monthly meeting for members at different towers each time in the Sheffield and Rotherham area. It is an opportunity to have a ring at another tower, catch up on news and meet new friends. For 2 of our ringers it was their first time ringing on the 10 bells at Ecclesfield.

27/10/13 – Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers rang a Peal

Members of the Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers rang a Peal on Sunday 27th October after the morning service. In 2 hours and 52 minutes they rang 5184 changes of Spliced Surprise Major in 4 methods.

This is the 3rd Peal at St Leonard’s this year. The last time we had 3 peals in a year was 1964 or 49 years ago. It is also the 98th Peal to be rung at Wortley since the bells were installed in 1893. The ringers left a donation which will go to the Wortley Bells Appeal (thank you). The details of the Peal are:

Wortley, S Yorkshire
S Leonard
Sunday, 27 October 2013 in 2h52 (12)
5184 Spliced Surprise Major
4 Methods: 1344 Cambridge, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire; 1152 Rutland; 132 com
Composed by Robert W Lee

1 Janine H Jones
2 Malcolm S Turner
3 Robert H Jordan
4 Michael Sheeran
5 Barry F Peachey
6 Howell J Williams
7 C Barrie Dove
8 Neil Donovan (Conductor)

12/10/13 – Thurgoland Community Fair

We had a table at the community fair at Thurgoland Village Hall to promote the appeal with display boards, laptops and leaflet. We enjoyed speaking to many people interested in finding out more about our fund raising and bell ringing in general.

06/10/13 – Harvest Festival

All 8 bells ringing this morning for the Harvest Festival Service by a combined team of Wortley and Ecclesfield ringers. Call changes on 8 and Grandsire Doubles on the back 6.

28/09/13 – Ringing Outing to Nottinghamshire

Some of our team joined our ringing friends from St Mary's Ecclesfield on their annual ringing outing. We were in Nottinghamshire to ring at 6 towers during the day and finished with a lovely meal at The Blacksmiths Arms, Everton. Towers we visited were, St Nicholas, Bawtry. St Bartholomew, Sutton-cum-Lound. SS Peter and Paul, North Wheatley. St Peter, Clayworth. SS Peter and Paul, Gringley-on-the-hill. Holy Trinity, Everton. The sun was out, and we had a very enjoyable time.

Peal Rung at Wortley

A Peal is a method rung to at least 5000 changes. Members of the Yoarkshire Association of Change Ringers rang a peal on Sunday 25th August. It was the 2nd peal this year. The last time 2 peals were rung at Wortley in a year was 1975. We might have a third before Christmas, if we do then 1964 was the last year with 3 peals. Interesting that this peal was the 97th to be rung at Wortley since the bells were installed in 1893, so 3 more and we hit the 100 peal milestone. Peals also are a source of income for our appeal, the ringers donated £36.

Yorkshire Association
Wortley, S Yorks, St Leonard
Sunday, 25 August 2013 in 2:43 (12-0-17)
5056 Cambridge Surprise Major
Composed by C Middleton
1 Howell J Williams
2 Adrian M Moreton
3 Barry F Peachey
4 Michael Sheeran
5 Malcolm S Turner (C)
6 Christopher M Bennett
7 Trevor C Ledger
8 Simon J Reading
1500th peal - 2
To mark the official launch of the fundraising campaign to refurbish this installation.

Open Church Day and Appeal Launch

We had plenty of interest in our appeal from those who came to the Open Church Day and coffee morning. Some people went up the tower to see the bells and ringing demonstrations. £300 was raised for the appeal.

We Are Ringing Again – Things Are Happening, Have You Noticed?

You might have heard some ringing taking place on Thursday evenings recently. 5 people have taken up the challenge to re-establish a Wortley band of ringers. This is great news, weekly evening practices have not taken place for many years. Our new team are making good progress but we really need more people learning to ring the bells. If you are interested, get in touch or come and have a look at what we do on Thursday evening 7.30pm. There is a place for you in the team. Leaflets and contact details about ringing are in the leaflet rack at the by the main entrance door in the church. Ring Ken (0114)2848335 or Andrew 07733005526 for more information or to arrange your first visit.

Morning Service Ringing

Some of our Sunday Morning Services this summer have had bells rung beforehand to call people to prayer and praise. We would like to thank St Mary’s Ecclesfield team of ringers for supporting ringing on Sundays at Wortley after ringing for their own morning service.

Flag Flying

This year we have been making sure our Church is flying the flag at the top of the tower on appropriate days such as Church festivals and special occasions. Most recently it was up for 3 weeks following the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. Access to the tower top is not for those who have a fear of heights but the views are marvellous and we do usually take a few minutes to take in the countryside from this rather unusual vantage point.

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