Ringing Remembers November 11th 2018

Our ringers turned out in force to ring for the first of 3 sessions on 11th November. At 12.30 our bells were rung for 25 minutes along with thousands or even tens of thousands of churches throughout the UK and worldwide to celebrate the signing of the Armistice. We had 13 ringers, all our own team in the tower taking turns to be part of the celebrations, a privilege and for some a moving experience. Nice comments on social media about the bells ringing were posted.

Afterwards leather muffles were fixed to the bell clappers ready for our next session of ringing which was going to start at 6pm. This was 30 minutes of ringing prior to St Leonard’s Service of Remembrance at 6.30pm. For this the bells were half-muffled, a leather pad is fixed over half of the clapper ball. The sound of the bells is loud and soft alternately as the clapper swings against the bell normally then back again muffled by a leather pad. This produces an echo affect which is very lovely and reserved for sad or solemn occasions and as a mark of respect for those who have lost their lives.

All the team attended the start of the service, but we had to be back in the belfry at 7pm ready to ring again, at 7.05pm, this time with the muffles off. This session of ringing was for “Battle’s Over a Nations Tribute” where again church bells all over the UK rang in unison and beacons were lit in towns and villages. We rang the bells for 5 minutes and this was the trigger for the beacon at Tankersley/Pilley to be lit. Actually, as we couldn’t guarantee the bells would be heard at Tankersley they had been recorded beforehand. Following this ringing we re-joined the service. Ringing the bells on the centenary of the First Armistice was a great team effort by Wortley ringers, we Did Remember Them.

Heritage Open days 2018

We had the tower open for tower tours for Heritage Open Days in September 2018. Many visitors came and climbed the ladders to see a bell ringing demonstration, the church clock and the bells in the Belfry.

Peal Rung 7th June 2018 in 2 hours and 55 minutes

Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers
5096 Zeal Hill Alliance Major Composed by M Maughan (arr)
1 Simon J Reading
2 Dinah M Donovan
3 Jane Owen
4 Gail L Randall
5 Peter C Randall (C)
6 Neil Donovan
7 Brian J Owen
8 Roger S Riley

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