St Leonard’s Church is open every Wednesday from 11am to 3pm. It is for visitors to call in and have a look around our historic church. Provided our Tower Captain Andrew is there (he usually is) visitors can go up the tower as well. Wednesday could be a good day for visiting teams to come and have a ring at Wortley, it would go well with the open day. Contact us on:

On Saturday 18th May as special Peal was rung by The Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers, to celebrate the wedding of Fleur Montagu Stuart Wortley-Hunt & Orlando Compton. In 2 hours and 51 minutes 5012 changes were rung of a new method, never rung before. When a team ring a new method, they get to name it.. It was decided to name the method Wortley Alliance Major.

To contact the bell ringing team please use the following:
Phone: 07851727306

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